GSSI has launched the new PaveScan RDM asphalt density assessment tool, which is designed to provide accurate, real-time measurements to ensure pavement life and quality.

The PaveScan RDM system is developed for uncovering problems that occur during the paving process, including poor uniformity and significant variations in density. By avoiding these problems, PaveScan RDM helps avoid such premature failures as road raveling, cracking and deterioration along joints.

PaveScan automatically detects density, offering real-time data for on-site results by correlating the dielectric measurements with the density of the new pavement. The innovative technology enables users to obtain critical density data for QA/QC of new pavements. Unlike other options like nuclear density gauges or radioactive alternatives, PaveScan does not result in any site hazards or require closing off work areas.

Seamlessly integrating with GPS systems, PaveScan features a flexible, modular design that facilitates easy and efficient operation and data collection. It is available as a small, portable single sensor cart-based system or a three-sensor configuration using an extended cart or vehicle configuration. The entire system is composed of a cart or vehicle mount, one to three sensors, a customized Panasonic Tough Book, a concentrator box and a variety of system accessories.

About GSSI

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. develops, manufactures and sells ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, primarily for the concrete inspection, utility mapping and locating, road and bridge deck evaluation, geophysics and archaeology markets. The equipment is used worldwide to explore the subsurface of the earth and to inspect infrastructure systems non-destructively.