Antonelli Law, a Chicago-based drone law firm specializing in federal commercial drone law, became the first law firm in the U.S. to be invited by DJI — a leader in manufacturing drones — to participate in the company’s referral program for commercial drone users. Commercial drone clients using DJI products will have special access to discounted legal rates for the Section 333 approval process required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before commercial drone operators can legally fly. For a reduced fee of $1,250, Antonelli Law will provide DJI customers with Section 333 services, including up to two commercial FAA registrations.

DJI is a market leader in commercial drones, with 70 percent of all Section 333 approvals issued by the FAA using DJI products. As a U.S. drone law firm with an experienced team of attorneys specializing in aviation and drone law, the Antonelli Law Drone/UAS Practice Group boasts a list of nationwide who fly drones for a variety of commercial purposes.

“We’re thrilled to be the first law firm in the U.S. to be selected to be part of DJI's Referral Program to help commercial drone users secure streamlined, reduced-cost legal services,” Antonelli says. “As a passionate advocate for drone users and as the proud owner of my own DJI Inspire drone, I know firsthand about the endless potential of DJI drones to reshape the landscape of aerial photography as we know it.”

The DJI Professional User Referral Program works by granting DJI customers access to most of Antonelli Law’s Section 333 petition services at a discounted rate of $1,250, which covers all legal fees for one petition filed with the FAA and two commercial UAV registrations.
In 2015, Antonelli Law filed more than 50 petitions with the FAA, a necessary step for commercial operators of unmanned aircraft vehicles to conduct aerial surveillance for a variety of commercially-driven purposes.

With the use of drones among public agencies on the rise, Antonelli Law also announced this month the launch of a new specialized drone law service to help police and fire departments, community colleges, universities and municipalities obtain  FAA COAs for UAS. The firm began preparing for the program last year in response to the growing UAS needs of university faculty and first responders. In conjunction with Antonelli Law’s aviation consultant,  Douglas Marshall, the firm is equipped with the expertise to help public agencies across the U.S. to obtain FAA COAs for operation.