GeoMobile Innovations has released the GeoBullseye for ArcPad Version 2, a software extension that turns Esri’s ArcPad mobile GIS software into a high-accuracy GNSS, three dimensional (collecting XY and Z) solution supporting Esri workflows.

“We are pleased to introduce an enhanced version of GeoBullseye for ArcPad to the market. It is a true high-accuracy GNSS 3D mobile GIS solution and can be deployed with today’s various Esri workflows,” says Geomobile Innovations President Richard Ash. “We recognize that centimeter-level GNSS data collection is a strong trend in mobile GIS and are excited to bring that capability to the Esri environment.”

GeoBullseye supports accurate collection of positions and quality control GNSS attributes for confident deployment in horizontal “XY” and vertical “Z,” including GEOID12 for accurate Mean Sea Level (MSL) elevations. 

GeoBullseye displays real-time estimated accuracies on the ArcPad main map screen and supports automated recording of GNSS/GIS metadata, including key horizontal and vertical accuracy metrics and real-time differential correction status results. Version 2 collects up to 35 configurable “auto” attributes to support confidence in critical field data collection efforts. GeoBullseye an XY and Z centimeter-accuracy RTK GNSS collection solution that can be tightly integrated in a fully disconnected workflow with ArcGIS as well as connected, real-time synchronization with ArcGIS Online (AGOL) and/or ArcGIS Server including SDE environments.

Furthermore, GeoBullseye Version 2 implements a rigorous 14-parameter datum transformation to solve a critical horizontal datum shift problem for the specialized positioning needs of North American GPS users mapping in  NAD83 (2011 epoch) datum while utilizing satellite-based  augmentation service (SBAS) such as WAAS or commercial services like Atlas, OmniSTAR, Terrastar and Starfire.  The services produce coordinates that are referenced to the ITRF08 datum, which is substantially different (greater than 1 meter) from NAD83/2011, the national standard in the U.S.