Delair-Tech, a French pioneer in the commercial drone industry, has announced the opening of a subsidiary in the United States, calling the country a veritable magnet for companies at the cutting edge of technology.

Within the framework of French airspace regulations, Delair-Tech has developed fully-fledged solutions based on the use of long-range drones to support decision making for major groups in the transport, energy, mining, security and agricultural sectors. The solutions have reached maturity and are set to be adopted by American companies.

Delair-Tech has chosen to set up in the heart of the Los Angeles area. The company says Los Angeles and its surroundings offer exceptionally good conditions for conducting beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights. The Los Angeles technological ecosystem has long played home to the aerospace sector, with key players including NASA, AeroVironment, SpaceX and ESRI.

“As pioneers in our field, we have decided to set up on U.S. soil, where the business development opportunities are huge. Los Angeles is a strategic point ideally located between two innovation hubs — Silicon Valley and San Diego — both of which are world-renowned in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector,” says Benjamin Benharrosh, the Delair-Tech co-founder responsible for developing the U.S. subsidiary.

The recruitment of new, local talent will enable Delair-Tech to develop and promote its technology within the U.S. and more widely across the whole of the American continent. The development project will include the opening of an office in Montreal, Canada, in order to bring the company closer to its east-coast customers. 

About Delair-Tech

Delair-Tech, a global leader in professional drones, supports corporate decision-making choices with its long-range drones and unique processing of their images. Founded in 2011 by four french engineers, the start-up, located in Toulouse (south of France) provides professional data, collected and analyzed by the drones certified for flight operations out of the sight of the pilot. Delair-Tech offers an integrated data processing solution to support decision making in all sectors of the industry. Delair-Tech has more than 50 employees and is present in some 30 countries. The start-up is involved in many fields such as agriculture, infrastructure, energy and construction.