Juniper Unmanned Inc. has entered into a strategic business partnership with Pulse Aerospace to provide operator training services for Pulse’s unmanned aircraft system (UAS) product line. The agreement includes comprehensive training support for both the VAPOR 35 and 55 unmanned helicopter systems. In this role, Juniper Unmanned will provide classroom and hands-on field training instruction for all Pulse Aerospace customers worldwide.

“Juniper Unmanned is delighted to support Pulse Aerospace with operator training services for their unmanned helicopter systems. Not only are their aircraft incredibly stable during flight, but they also lead the market in terms of duration and ability to carry a wide variety of advanced payloads,” says Jeff Cozart, CEO of Juniper Unmanned.

To support Pulse’s UAS training requirements, Juniper Unmanned plans to deploy its team of experienced aviation professionals to deliver expert technical instruction that supports the implementation of UAS solutions for commercial applications. In addition, Juniper has agreed to provide a 12 month subscription of Sparrow, its cloud-based flight management system, with the purchase of each Pulse Aerospace aircraft.

Pulse’s aircraft can carry 11 pounds for a full hour, which is approximately three times as long as the competition. In addition, Pulse pairs their UAS with its proprietary flight control system to eliminate human error during operations.

“This partnership will provide our customers with extraordinary services, comprehensive management and technical training that will maximize their commercial applications,” says Aaron Lessig, CEO of Pulse Aerospace. “Juniper’s reputation in the industry bolsters the solutions we offer and gives our customers top of the line training.”

About Juniper Unmanned

Juniper Unmanned is a private technology company based in Golden, Colo. Juniper’s goal is to simplify UAS operations for both the system manufacturer and the operator.  Juniper empowers manufacturers to get the latest UAS technology into the hands of their customers, while also providing UAS training services for operators to leverage technology in an effective, safe and compliant manner.