Settop Survey has released the new Settop CellXtrem modem, which is compatible with all GPS manufacturer receivers.
The Settop CellXtrem opens the possibility for users to transmit real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections from a base station via Internet in a simple way, using a SIM card without the need for a static IP.

Users benefit from working at greater distances without line of sight of the base station and with the possibility of multiple rover users being connected at the same time.

Settop CellXtrem is compatible with most manufacturers of GPS receivers and allows users of new and old devices to use an option that had previously been limited to high-end or infrastructure receivers.

Connected to a GPS rover receiver, it eliminates radio connectivity limitations, making it possible to work with public or private CORS services, independent of the field software and receiver brand.

The device is equipped with a 3.5G HSDPA modem. Its aluminum design favors a considerable reduction in size, without any loss in durability.

Devices are in stock and available for immediate delivery in both standalone units and bundles. Bundles include one year of free connectivity to the Settop IST Connect service.

About Settop Survey

Settop Survey designs and manufactures precision products and solutions for the surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering and marine markets.