Trimble has unveiled the Spectra Precision QML800G QuickMark Layout system, an innovative solution that automates the layout of interior points and walls.

“The QuickMark Layout system is being adopted as a preferred interior layout solution,” says Mike Bank, general manager of Trimble's Precision Tools business. “Customers are reporting up to a 50 percent reduction in layout time.”

The system includes new BuildView software that allows users to select layout points on the included Android tablet directly from architectural files. The QML800G uses highly visible green lasers to locate points in all interior lighting conditions, allowing drywall and interior contractors to quickly and efficiently lay out points for interior building construction.

When a point is selected on the tablet, two green beam lasers move to create a bright visible "X" directly on the point in less than five seconds for easy marking. With the BuildView software, architectural files can be loaded directly onto the Android device, eliminating the need to create point files in advance. Floor plans are displayed and locating a point is as simple as tapping on an intersection or point. Revisions to architectural files can be quickly integrated into the layout. The QML800G includes the BuildView Office computer software that allows viewing and managing architectural drawings in the office. Layout can be planned in advance with greater understanding of the complete job. These capabilities can greatly increase on-the-job efficiency and productivity.

The QML800G laser accuracy is 1/8 inch (3 millimeters), meeting typical jobsite requirements. With the system, tape measure reading errors are eliminated. Because each point is laid out independently, compounding errors from one bad point to another is also eliminated. Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout.

The Spectra Precision QML800G with BuildView software is expected to be available in May 2016 through the Spectra Precision global dealer network.

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