Spectra Precision has long been an established brand, known for delivering quality products to the construction market. Focusing on the specific needs of the conventional surveying market, the Spectra Precision brand offers a complete product portfolio including, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), geographical information systems (GIS), optical total stations, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools.

Spectra Precision addresses the markets with out-of-the-box solutions, while in some regions we work with third-party software companies to deliver the most appropriate localized solutions. Spectra Precision is also the worldwide distributor of Nikon optical survey equipment, renowned for its precision and reliability. Our customers now have a far wider range of products to choose from, spanning GNSS technologies, GIS equipment, optical instruments, radio and cellular communications technology, software and services.

With the abundance of available new GNSS signals, the days of inadequate coverage aappear to be numbered, at least for those GNSS receivers that can make use of the new signals without being hampered by old restrictions. The Z-Blade GNSS-centric engine enables all available GNSS signals to be used interchangeably, eliminating reliance on any specific GNSS system. For example, our Z-Blade GNSS receivers, like our SP80 flagship instrument or the recently introduced SP60 versatile solution, are capable of operating in GLONASS-only or BeiDou-only mode if required. More importantly, these receivers are boosting productivity by ensuring the fastest initialization and best performance possible, even in conditions where satellite visibility is constrained due to tree canopy or tall buildings.

In 2016 and beyond, Spectra Precision continues to be in the vanguard of GNSS technology, and indeed we are still the only mainstream vendor offering GNSS-centric technology today.