Measuring up to the expectations of its raving fans

There are few products in the world that enjoy the fanatic customer loyalty of Mercedes Benz, Harley-Davidson ... or Silver Shield. Today, the company counts hundreds of thousands of end users in its ranks of raving fans. Over 90 percent of the people who buy one Silver Shield buy again and again.

A trip to POB’s own internet discussion site found quotes like these from your fellow surveyors and mapping professionals:

  • “The best thing to work out of, can’t say enough...”
  • “I wouldn’t have anything else...”
  • “One of the best investments my father-in-law ever made...”
  • “The safety factor with increased visibility is worth it alone.”

Silver Shield has no salespeople, no distribution centers, and has continued to work out of one humble Phoenix location for 40 years. Yet from Frontenac, N.Y., to Backus, Minn.; from Eastville, Va., to Westville, Ohio; and from Northbrook, Ill., to South Fork, Colo.; Silver Shield has developed a following of diehard customers in over 10,000 cities.

The modular nature of Silver Shield lets you select the components and configuration that best fits the needs of your field operating environment. You design your optimum solution, and we build it, it's just that simple.