Teledyne Optech will be showcasing fresh results from its airborne systems at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2016 on Feb. 22-24 in Denver. This will also be the North American release of the Optech Lynx SG-S mobile survey system.

The Optech Galaxy will showcase the real-world efficiency improvements it achieves using its patent-pending SwathTRAK technology to automatically adjust the field of view in high-relief terrain. The Teledyne Optech both will have data from a recent Galaxy survey in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, where SwathTRAK reduced the number of flightlines required by 40 percent, compared to fixed-FOV LiDAR.

The award-winning multispectral Optech Titan is also empowering surveyors to change their business models by opening up new applications. With the Titan’s green and infrared laser channels, operators can bridge the gap between topographic and bathymetric mapping with the same sensor, and get into automated land classification by measuring the relative intensity of returns for each wavelength. Booth 54 will have examples of both applications, including a survey from Ontario’s Georgian Bay where the Titan exceeded its predicted depth penetration capabilities, and new classification approaches that offer improved results from Teledyne Optech’s scientific partners.

ILMF will see the North American release of Teledyne Optech’s latest mobile LiDAR system, the Optech Lynx SG-S. This system joins the mobile lineup at a price point between the Lynx MG and SG models, with the ability to collect survey-grade 3D data from a lightweight and compact platform. Visitors can hear how clients in England and the U.S. have executed large projects using the Lynx to collect dense, survey-grade data at highway speeds and process it accurately with the highly automated Optech LMS Pro workflow.

About Teledyne Optech

Teledyne Optech is a world leader in high-accuracy LiDAR 3D survey systems, integrated cameras and productivity-enhancing workflows. With operations and staff worldwide, Teledyne Optech offers both standalone and fully integrated LiDAR and camera solutions for airborne mapping, airborne LiDAR bathymetry, mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, mine cavity monitoring and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors.