Hera Systems has unveiled aggressive pricing for high-resolution satellite imagery and video. The competitive structure includes per-square-kilometer pricing as low as $1 for archived 1-meter resolution imagery, $2 for freshly tasked 1-meter imagery orders, and $3 for 50-centimeter resolution products. Hera Systems’ breakthrough pricing and simplified ordering process reduce and eliminate the obstacles that have typically put such imagery products out of reach for customers and made the budgeting process cumbersome.

“Until now, putting fresh satellite imagery to work has required deep pockets, a PhD in image processing and a great deal of patience,” says Joe Thurgood, vice president of corporate development and marketing for Hera Systems.

Hera Systems is targeting organizations with a large appetite for Earth information products for continual, ongoing monitoring activities. In comparison to industry standards, the company’s products will be affordable, easy-to-access high-resolution satellite imagery.

Products for enterprises will be made available self-service style via Hera Systems’ GeoSnap apps, which simplify the ordering and pricing process. “We are taking the mystery out of buying these products by making them much more accessible,” Thurgood says.

Hera Systems drastically reduces the order-size threshold for newly tasked imagery, doing away with the high price tags typically associated with minimum order-area requirements. Initial order thresholds are set at $99 for newly tasked imagery.

“We believe this is a game-changer for organizations that value the benefits these products have to offer. Gone are the days of having to seek budget approval for an imagery purchase,” Thurgood says.

Hera Systems is on track to launch its 1HOPSat (1st-Generation High Optical Performance Satellite) constellation late this year. A total of nine 1-meter resolution satellites are booked to launch beginning in November, equipping Hera Systems to deliver fresh, daily imagery and video as well as intelligent analytics and derived information products starting in early 2017.

On Feb. 3, Hera Systems completed its Critical Design Review process, which included vetting by independent, third-party industry experts of Hera Systems’ patent-pending optical and imaging systems.

About Hera Systems

Hera Systems is a satellite information and analytics company that collects images of the Earth every day, enabling commercial and government organizations to monitor change and make smart decisions in near-real time. The company is a source of fresh, up-to-the minute, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about any location on the globe. Hera Systems’ initial satellite constellation will enable customers to acquire imagery and video, as well as intelligent analytics and derived information, on demand through a simplified user interface. Future generation systems will feature higher resolution imaging capabilities and other advanced technologies.