Fabricom Offshore Services — a provider of engineering, procurement, construction and project management services to the oil and gas industry — is using AVEVA software for the brownfield modification of GDF Suez’s Cygnus Platform in 2016.

Using both LFM Server and AVEVA Laser Model Interface, Fabricom can economically capture the asset’s as-built configuration into the AVEVA 3D design environment. AVEVA’s 3D design modeling software will enable Fabricom to more easily create an accurate and complete 3D design to improve operation and maintenance efficiency for the platform for many years into the future.

“AVEVA software is widely used and there is a good skilled workforce in the U.K.,” says Michael Ketley, engineering manager, Fabricom. “This gives us a great deal of project flexibility and helps us to get up and running quickly. AVEVA’s 3D design modeling software provides huge cost and time savings as it automates the modeling process and is particularly powerful when integrating with laser scan and point cloud data.”

The software produces an accurate digital version of the asset, greatly reducing the possibility of errors. Furthermore, AVEVA Global allows design teams at different locations to work together as though they are in the same office. They are able to dynamically share evolving designs and high-quality deliverables with both Fabricom staff and clients as the project progresses.

“The last couple of years have been challenging for the whole industry and in a market with reduced capital investment, revamps and upgrades are becoming increasingly prevalent to extend the operating life of existing assets,” says Evgeny Fedotov, senior vice president and global head of EPC sales, AVEVA.  “Our 3D laser scanning software efficiently and accurately captures the as-built asset to create a data-driven baseline for revamps, improvement planning and operational compliance. The ability to work expertly with aging brownfield assets is now essential for both EPCs and their Owner Operators (OOs).”

The utilization of AVEVA software has fostered efficient plant revamping and upgrade projects, reducing cost, risk and downtime during plant modification. Increased efficiency is particularly important when revamping complex or extremely dense assets such as offshore facilities, Fedotov says.


For almost 50 years, AVEVA software has enabled the creation of some of the world’s most complex power and process plants, vessels and offshore facilities. AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach ensures there is always an accurate digital representation of each physical asset. This allows engineering contractors, owner operators and shipbuilders to work more safely, more efficiently and with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations.