Seafloor Systems has launched a new line of autonomous surface vehicles, developed for hydrographic survey applications.

The EchoBoat-ASV is a multi-payload, remotely and autonomously controlled survey boat, featuring portability, improved thrust and large payload capacity. The HyDrone-ASV is a remotely and autonomously controlled single-beam survey catamaran platform for bathymetric surveying. Seafloor’s range of ASV’s combines workhorse utility and capability with modern, advanced microelectronics. The company aims to make owning and operating an ASV affordable to all of the hydrographic community.

The survey vehicles can be monitored while under way, in both auto and manual modes, while within line-of-sight range. The mission planner application runs on a base station laptop, connected through a radio telemetry link, and displays the vehicle’s graphical positioning and progress against a background map of the survey area. Battery voltage, current and capacity remaining may be monitored via this link.

Switching from autonomous to remote control is easy using a high-power remote control system that offers up to 2-kilometer range, with a survey endurance of over eight miles on a single battery pack

Both survey vehicles will be shown at Oceanology International 2016 in London. There will be a live demonstration of the EchoBoat-ASV on the ExCeL dockside on March 15 and 17.

About Seafloor Systems

Seafloor Systems is a multidisciplinary company providing integrated solutions for hydrographic survey equipment sales, rentals, technical support and training. The company is manufacturer of the HydroLite Survey Pole Kit, HyDrone-RCV Catamaran Survey Platform and EchoBoat-RCV.