Bentley Systems’ ConstructSim software has been selected by Williams Energy Canada for the first propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant project ever in Canada.

Williams’ decision to choose ConstructSim was made after a careful evaluation of all the leading construction automation tools on the market. Through comparative analysis, Williams found ConstructSim to be superior to the other offerings in enabling the Construction Industry Institute’s Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) best practices.

“We consider the use of the Advanced Work Packaging methodology to be a key component of successful execution on the PDH project, and we selected ConstructSim as our automation tool in support of this goal,” says Andrew Foy, planning coordinator at Williams Energy Canada.

AWP requires a programmatic approach to facilitate the technology and best-practice deployment across the project lifecycle. It calls for an exchange of information between engineering, construction, commissioning and handover, with the work packages serving as the unit of that information exchange. ConstructSim facilitates the needed information interoperability and mobility for unprecedented insight into planned and executed work to increase project performance.

Williams Energy Canada will design, build and operate the PDH project in Alberta’s Strathcona County. The project will add value to western Canada’s mid-stream industry by converting affordable propane into 500,000 metric tons of polymer grade propylene, a valuable petrochemical feedstock used in plastics manufacturing.

The PDH project represents economic diversification and innovation for Alberta, and will be integrated with the existing and proposed neighboring Industrial Heartland refining industries. The planned start-up date of the PDH facility is the end of 2019.

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