Newly introduced, the Leica ULTRA underground service locating system is designed to help site engineers and utility specialists trace buried lines accurately for safe underground excavations and utility surveys.

“The Leica ULTRA enables operators to achieve best-in-class locating and tracing expectations,” says Richard Fling, business development manager at Leica Geosystems. “Encompassing an array of high-specification features, the Leica ULTRA is optimized specifically for utility tracing, enabling the path of a service to be accurately found while keeping utility specialists safe.”

The system is designed to assist users attaining high-accuracy results to avoid costly mistakes, such as cutting utility lines or delaying project schedules during excavation work. By providing a wide range of transmitter mode frequencies, operators in segments such as power, water, gas or telecom can efficiently optimize the locator performance in any operating condition.

Users save time and effort by tracing utility depths and distances. Multiple utilities in close proximity, requiring a combination of adjustments, can also be traced efficiently.

Clear visualizations of line direction and depth indication are displayed on a large LCD interface. Users can easily interpret signal displays in all light conditions. Bluetooth enables quick connectivity so users can easily transfer data to a GIS data collector.

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