As the program for SPAR 3D Expo & Conference nears completion, 3D technology professionals are encouraged to take advantage of an extended deadline for abstract submissions. Proposals are now due Dec. 16.

To be held April 11-14 in Houston, Texas, the SPAR 3D conference supports all users, embraces new adopters, and is cognizant of 3D professionals seeking the very latest developments in 3D technology. The conference will include the following learning tracks:

Introduction to 3D Technology

Appropriate content for business owners/operators/asset owners new to 3D explaining the "why" case for using 3D technologies. Accepted abstracts will focus on the benefits, rather than the features, of why asset managers should consider integrating 3D to manage their business, save money, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Content must focus on the high-level business case, outlining what is possible, what business owners need to know to get started and common pitfalls. The track will be exclusive to 101-level content including terminology, assessing hardware and software options, workflow and integration considerations, and contracting with service providers versus bringing 3D in-house.

Advanced Technologies for 3D Pros

Appropriate content will unveil cutting-edge technology tools or innovative uses of 3D technologies for the early adopter and experienced 3D professional. Accepted abstracts will explore details of how the technology works and what is innovative or new. Preference will be given to asset owners and owner/operator abstracts over vendor presentations.

Industry Vertical Sessions

Industry-specific use cases explore the myriad uses of 3D technology in key target verticals. Preference will be given to asset owner presentations detailing present and future requirements from vendors. Content should articulate what is possible now and what is needed in future. Key industry verticals include:

  • Process & Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Architecture, Building & Construction
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Transportation & Civil Infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, rail)
  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Response
  • Digital Historic Preservation
  • Mining
  • Industrial Facilities

About SPAR 3D

SPAR 3D, previously SPAR International, is a technology-neutral exhibition and conference on 3D technologies for surveyors, engineers, facilities managers, asset owners and other stakeholders. Conference programming covers end-to-end 3D from data capture to deliverables including considerations for information dissemination across the organization. Event content examines how 3D technologies are applied in a range of applications including engineering, construction, operations and facility management, infrastructure, manufacturing and security.