Mobile GIS specialist GeoMobile Innovations is offering a workshop, “Evaluating the Mobile GIS Landscape.”  The inaugural course will be conducted via live instruction at GeoMobile’s headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon, on Jan. 14, 2016.  

The workshop will be led by GeoMobile’s technical director, ESRI/Mobile GIS expert and software developer Craig Greenwald.  “Evaluating the Mobile GIS Landscape” will provide an extensive overview and best practice assessment for those seeking solutions in an often confusing menu of choices for mobile GIS.

When asked about the impetus for the class, GeoMobile President Rich Ash responded, “We are hearing about a lot of confusion in the Mobile GIS marketplace. There are many new offerings being aggressively marketed to organizations and it can be tempting to jump in to a new tool without a clear line of decision making. Advancements and new options are exciting, but Mobile GIS tools are not a one size fits all proposition; professional organizations need to adequately assess their project needs, considering multiple criteria.”

“Evaluating the Mobile GIS Landscape” is a consultative workshop that is proposed to offer meaningful real world information without the sales pitch. It will help organizations assess the appropriate GIS workflows and ask themselves meaningful questions about deploying software and hardware tools suitable for their project.

Greenwald says his approach in the workshop is helping students in seeking practical solutions. “Having provided consulting and professional software services to organizations large and small, I’m often brought in after decisions have already been made about software and hardware. By being proactive, we can save folks headache and expense in having to make significant adjustments mid-project. The beauty of this course is in that in a short, focused period of time, each student will have a chance to assess their own requirements and we will take them through a decision-making worksheet.”

“Evaluating the Mobile GIS Landscape” is $195 per participant and includes lunch.

About GeoMobile Innovations

GeoMobile Innovations Inc. specializes in ESRI Mobile GIS platforms and has years of experience in field-to-office data workflow projects, with a forte in high-quality software application development, integrating GNSS and other field sensors such as laser range finders. GeoMobile Innovations is the developer of the LaserGIS for ArcPad extension, GeoBullseye for ArcPad extension and GeoSnap photo mapping toolkit. GeoMobile Innovations' mission is to work as a partner with clients, empowering them to improve return on investment by implementing quality Mobile GIS and field data collection solutions.