The newest flight management solution from Lead'Air, Inc., the PICOTrack is a combination of software and hardware that provides basic equipment and software for those on a tight budget. The system is ideal for startup companies and other businesses on a tight budget that need to more efficiently carry out flights.

The PICOTrack allows for the creation of an airborne project, from flight planning through acquisition to final archiving of the data. The system includes the Track’Air X-Track software as its backbone. The Track’Air X-Track Software includes a complete suite of planning, reporting and acquisition software specially designed and developed over the last 20 years to provide a practical, secure method for planning a project and firing nearly any camera. Eight seats are provided with each system.

Not tied to a dedicated computer, the PICOTrack allows users to install the software on their own laptops, and then connect the system, which includes a navigation grade Garmin 18 GPS and a cable for camera connection, through a single USB port. They are then ready to carry out a flight.

Using the snapSHOT module in the aircraft, the system accurately fires the camera at pre-computed positions based on the flight plan created by the user in the X-Track planning software. It is also capable of capturing an electronic pulse back from the camera to the software. The return pulse, which is displayed on the screen at the time of acquisition, gives the pilot and operator a sense of security that the camera has fired at the proper location and that all systems are working.

The PICOTrack is upgradable to higher-end equipment as users progress in business, allowing them to work toward the NanoTrack with special upgrade pricing, and then to a complete NEXTrack 2 flight management system.