Drone manufacturer DJI will begin distribution of a new, co-branded safety brochure for all its U.S.-bound unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) ahead of the 2015 holiday season. The brochure is expected to start appearing inside the packaging of the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 product series by the end of November.

“DJI was one of the first manufacturers to provide Know Before You Fly educational materials to its customers, and we are very pleased to formalize and expand our support of this campaign,” says Brendan Schulman, vice president of policy and legal affairs at DJI. “Safe drone operation has been a top priority for us, and this educational initiative is an excellent complement to our many safety-related technology features.”

DJI represents 70 percent of the global drone market, according to a 2014 Forrester Research report. The U.S. is DJI’s largest market worldwide both for recreational and commercial use. According to a DJI review, nearly 50 percent of businesses that have received approval from the FAA to fly UAS commercially are using DJI platforms.

“As a dominant player in the U.S. drone market, we are pleased to work with DJI to ensure basic safety information is easily accessible to their customers,” says Brian Wynne, president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). “More people than ever before will access UAS technology this holiday season. DJI’s expanded support of Know Before You Fly helps to ensure these flyers can easily obtain information on how to operate UAS safely and responsibly.”

DJI’s support of the Know Before You Fly campaign is part of its ongoing commitment to worldwide drone safety programs. In addition to the U.S., DJI is working with regulators and UAS stakeholders on similar safety initiatives in Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

“There is no doubt DJI’s commitment to the Know Before You Fly education campaign is crucial to the safety of our airspace. This holiday season many people who purchase UAS may be flying for the first time, and they likely will be buying DJI’s technology,” says Bob Brown, president of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). “DJI’s support of Know Before You Fly helps to greatly extend our safety message to these newcomers.”

Know Before You Fly was created by AUVSI and AMA in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration to provide newcomers to UAS with basic safety information. DJI joins 26 other supporters of the campaign, including retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of UAS, as well as organizations representing the manned aviation community.

About DJI

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