The firm rapidlasso GmbH was recently honored with the Green Asia Award by the Chinese Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (CSPRS).

Presented at the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2015 (ACRS 2015) in Manila, the award is given to a paper that directs Asia towards a greener future using remote sensing technology. This year's award commends rapidlasso GmbH on advancing the area of LiDAR processing through the PulseWaves effort. PulseWaves is a vendor-neutral, full-waveform LiDAR data exchange format and API that simplifies access to full waveform data and allows researchers to focus on algorithms and share results. In the future, the technology may prove valuable to improve biomass estimates for carbon credit programs such as the TREEMAPS project of WWF.

According to the society, the award was also meant to honor rapidlasso GmbH CEO Martin Isenburg. It recognizes his many years of teaching and capacity building across the Asian region. Since the beginning of 2013, rapidlasso GmbH has conducted more than 50 seminars, training events and hands-on workshops at universities, research institutes and government agencies in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines.

The award certificate that was presented to Isenburg by Kohei Cho and Peter Shih during the closing ceremony of ACRS 2015 came with a cash reward of $300. The money was donated to the summer school that followed the ACRS conference, topping off a pre-existing "green sponsorship" by rapidlasso GmbH that was already supporting a "green catering" of summer school lunches and dinners to avoid single-use cups, plastic cutlery and Styrofoam containers. The additional award money was used for hosting the main summer school dinner at a sustainable family-run restaurant serving "happy chickens" and "happy pigs" raised organically on a local farm.

About rapidlasso GmbH

Technology powerhouse rapidlasso GmbH specializes in LiDAR processing tools that combine robust algorithms with efficient I/O and clever memory management to achieve high throughput for data sets containing billions of points. The company’s flagship product, the LAStools software suite, is heavily used in industry, government agencies, research labs and educational institutions.