Maptek customers in North America are taking advantage of free regional forums showcasing the latest in mining technology. Featuring a mix of company and customer presentations, the events offer the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest Maptek tools in an informal setting.

“There’s no other company with a more comprehensive range of solutions dedicated to improving mine productivity and safety,” says Rob Hardman, general manager, North America. “For almost 35 years, Maptek has applied an innovative development approach to find new solutions to old problems and target new uses for existing technology.”

The Automated Pit Designer to be released in Vulcan 10 is one example of bringing fresh eyes to an existing problem, he says. Automating the tedious process of updating designs helps mine engineers work more efficiently. “Similarly, the latest level designer and stope optimizer tools allow engineers to more effectively analyze and improve underground designs to meet their economic parameters, saving hours of manual drafting.”

Evolution, the latest scheduling tool from Maptek, employs an evolutionary algorithm to optimize multiple objectives and millions of blocks by harnessing cloud-based processing.

Exploring new uses for existing technology led to the Sentry laser-based surface tracking solution. Sentry has been proven equal to radar and other methods for tracking movement trends to predict potential failures. Operations gain a stability-monitoring and survey capability in one system, and can pay off their investment sooner by deploying their I-Site laser scanner around the clock.

“Maptek is proud to showcase these solutions during the Denver and Elko Forums. Customers can be assured we are not resting on our laurels,” Hardman says. “We’re continually examining advances in technology and computing power to ensure we deliver solutions, which harness the vast data resources available to mining operations.”

The next user forum will be held this Thursday, Oct. 29 in Elko, Nev.

About Maptek

Founded more than 30 years ago, Maptek is a provider of innovative software, hardware and services for global mining. Maptek solutions are used at more than 1,700 sites in 75 countries, with applications across the mining cycle. Maptek develops industry-leading software including Vulcan, Eureka, Evolution and BlastLogic for mine evaluation, planning, design, scheduling, operation and rehabilitation.