A reception and ceremony unveiling the restored Bird Transit famously used by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in their iconic 1760s survey of the Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania border was recently held at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore.

"The Maryland Society of Surveyors is honored to be part of this event, which marks a historic milestone in the history of surveying and our Nation," says TJ Frazier, MSS president-elect and conference co-chair. Geospatial professionals from across the country and the general public were invited. The event was held during the joint conference of the Maryland Society of Surveyors and Maryland Society of Professional Engineers.

On a related note, a dedication ceremony for the Mason and Dixon Mile Stone and Historical Marker is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday at 2 p.m. on the east side of Maryland Route 45 at the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. The stone and sign shown in the photo above were set this week in advance of the ceremony.