GSSI, a leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, will host a three-day advanced GPR interpretation course at its brand new training facility in Nashua, N.H.

The course will be held Oct. 23-25 and will be led by world-renowned GPR expert Larry B. Conyers, professor of anthropology at the University of Denver, along with GSSI training professionals. Users will learn about techniques and best practices for GPR data interpretation, troubleshooting data quality issues in the field and post-processing. Attendees will also receive an overview of GPR theory and data processing using RADAN software.

Ideal for those interpreting GPR data in archaeology, environmental sciences, geology, structural engineering and utility locating, the course is tailored for users with at least one year of GPR field experience.

Training will take place in GSSI’s state-of-the-art training and test facility, which includes an extensive indoor test area, with a large underground pit that emulates sub-surface utilities and geophysical features. The hands-on course will include case studies from a variety of applications and plenty of time to review individual participants’ data challenges.

Conyers is an archaeological GPR practitioner. He literally wrote the book (actually, six of them) on GPR for archaeology, along with at least 100 journal articles and book chapters covering theory, method, data interpretation and analysis, with many examples from sites all over the world. Conyers has worked on archaeological GPR projects in Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Hawaii and many areas of the continental U.S. Much of his work is sponsored by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, which is under the aegis of the National Park Service. Conyers also developed several software programs for analyzing GPR data.

For registration and agenda information, email Sara Gale at or call 603-681-2059.

About GSSI

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. is a leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of GPR equipment, primarily for the concrete inspection, utility mapping and locating, road and bridge deck evaluation, geophysics, and archaeology markets. The equipment is used all over the world to explore the subsurface of the earth and to inspect infrastructure systems non-destructively. GSSI created the first commercial GPR system nearly 45 years ago and continues to provide the widest range and highest quality GPR equipment available today.