The demands for the skills and services required for surveying, precision measurement and imaging have never been higher. The opportunities to grow your business and explore new ways to expand your expertise have never been so exciting. We need more housing, roads and utilities, and we need them designed to be built and maintained affordably. That’s why Topcon is driven to help professionals like you create sustainable infrastructure.

The Topcon objective is to help grow and strengthen your business; together, meeting the critical infrastructure needs. That’s the Topcon vision, and why employees and dealers worldwide are dedicated to creating the technologies and bringing you the solutions to drive your success. 

From scientists in the company’s state-of-the-art research labs to solutions developers dedicated to understanding the challenges you face, Topcon is focused on helping your business grow in efficiency and strength — and has been at this for more than 80 years. Topcon has a long and proven commitment to surveying, mapping and civil engineering professionals like you.

Topcon pioneered the integration of imaging into traditional total stations more than a decade ago. It’s no surprise to now find it in many of the company’s instruments and sensors, allowing you to not only measure, but to actually capture reality. With Topcon total stations, controllers, scanners or mobile mapping … what you see IS what you get.

Keeping the Work Flowing

Topcon provides powerful workflow solutions — simply. Industry-leading secure web services and software solutions work seamlessly with precision hardware to provide unparalleled productivity gains. Using the MAGNET software suite, managers and team members stay connected whether they are on site, in the office, or on the move. Work proceeds without the typical delays of travel or missed communication.

Connected one-man robotic productivity is driven by the entire MAGNET family of products and services. Whether you’re using the Topcon PS series of total stations or one of the integrated GNSS receivers, a single operator is able to arrive onsite, launch MAGNET Field software to quickly download design data, and confidently begin production on his own. Supporting office staff remains connected and available within MAGNET Office design and processing solutions. Simultaneously, managers keep control of the project’s progress using MAGNET Enterprise secure web services. It’s easy connectivity for measured productivity!

Topcon provides what you need to measure, design and build through mass data and mapping solutions such as the IP-S3 mobile mapping systems, the GLS-2000 scanner and Sirius Pro unmanned aerial systems.

Visit Topcon. Visit a Dealer.

If you haven’t visited the Topcon website lately, take a look at the new state-of-the-art, interactive site. It’s built as an enterprise resource with insights into your profession — where you can see and learn how technology is being utilized in your industry. The site includes multi-language content options and extensive use of high-definition videos with emphasis on case studies and real-world application stories.  To see the new website and find the contact information for your local dealer, visit

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