With the “Maggie,” the latest addition to the company’s line of magnetic locators, Schonstedt Instrument Company has further solidified its reputation as the industry’s leading innovator. Founded in 1953 by Erick O. Schonstedt, the company was initially a contractor to the aerospace industry, providing high-grade magnetometers for aerospace and laboratory applications. Schonstedt Instrument Company began making magnetic locators for land surveyors in the 1970s, and the distinctive “yellow stick” soon became the global standard for survey monument location.

Early reports from Maggie field testers are extremely positive: everyone seems to love the Maggie! Here’s an example from the PPI Group, a Schonstedt dealer in Portland, Ore.:

“I am so happy about the results of my Maggie test! When the opportunity came up to field test the new Maggie, I knew the perfect person to try it out, but also knew that he could easily give me a thumbs-down. He has a great eye for detail, is a perfectionist, and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks! For me, his endorsement gives me all the confidence that I need to sell the product!”

As Schonstedt’s Mark Pugh puts it, “With the Maggie, the best just got better.” And field and lab tests of the new instrument prove him out. The Maggie combines the best features of two flagship products in Schonstedt’s magnetic locator line — the sensitivity and precision of the GA-52Cx, and the single-handed operation of the GA-92 XT.

Says Guillermo Warley, Schonstedt’s head of engineering: “We set out to design an underground locator that combines pinpoint accuracy and state-of-the-art ergonomics, and I think we have achieved that.” Schonstedt’s Director of Business Development, Bob Ebberson, is quick to add: “And we’ve done so at a price point that will expand our market to users at all levels.”

In its product literature, Schonstedt is also introducing “Maggie, the canine mascot.” So, who knows? This Maggie may soon become the surveyor’s best friend!

Schonstedt Instrument Company began shipping the Maggie in August. For more information, contact Director of Business Development Bob Ebberson at 1-800-999-8280 or 304-725-1050, ext. 4754, or via email at bebberson@schonstedt.com.

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