Inseparably uniting the two continents of America and Europe, JAVAD GNSS Inc. represents the most dynamic and respected brand in the industry. The best creative potential of two great countries has found its manifestation in JAVAD products.

Since its inception, JAVAD GNSS has been fully focused on developing and manufacturing the newest generation of GNSS receivers for high-precision and other applications. The main products marketed under this brand name are GNSS receivers and OEM boards based on the “Triumph” technology. The unmistakable lime-green JAVAD GNSS receivers are known to surveyors the world over. This is the only company that currently has protection against interferences such as J-Shield. It is also the only company that provides detailed interference awareness features in GNSS receivers. Some other unique product features are “Lift & Tilt” survey and Visual Stakeout. With Visual Stakeout, the virtual location of the point to be staked can be seen by a “flag” shown on the receiver’s camera image. This visual aid helps to navigate quickly to the point and makes stakeout jobs fast and fun.

“The unmistakable lime-green JAVAD GNSS receivers are known to surveyors the world over.”

JAVAD GNSS has its own manufacturing facilities in San Jose, Calif. Four continuous-flow SMT lines are highly flexible, allowing for diverse and complex products utilizing the latest in component packaging technologies to be assembled, and with quick changeover between products enabling high-mix, low- to medium-volume production.

The modern way of life demands speed and expertise in many applications. The company’s online store allows the customer to measure project costs and place orders on the same day a decision is made. The strategy most welcomed is to stay close to clients and deliver complete GNSS solutions that 100 percent meet their requirements. The highly qualified staff members operate from two hemispheres via more than 100 international dealers, to provide high-performance GNSS devices, components, technology and software for professional end-users in the navigation, survey, GIS, agricultural and OEM-board markets.

As a producer, JAVAD GNSS can afford to keep attractive prices for its customers and international tenders, thanks to highly professional and efficient modern cost/marketing strategies managed by experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. As the sun goes down in San Jose, day is breaking over Moscow; a 24/7 free technical support system helps in all kinds of customers’ problems. Troubleshooting by phone and email, alongside interactive online support, gives the customer no chance to be disappointed in JAVAD GNSS.

The JAVAD GNSS mission is to continue to be at the cutting edge of GNSS technology. The last word may be left to leading surveying publication editor Marc Cheves: “By creating affordable, portable GPS devices for the past nearly 30 years, surveyors all over the world have benefitted from JAVAD’s passion for precise positioning. The company is in it for the long run. It’s hard to even imagine how far the GNSS envelope may be pushed in the future, but wherever it is, no doubt JAVAD will be there.”

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