You asked for it … and we took up the challenge! For a number of years, leading professionals in surveying, mapping and geospatial companies and associations large and small have wondered aloud just who exactly is doing the business throughout the United States and beyond. Many of you suggested POB magazine and our market research partners would be well suited to find out.

So, over the past many months, with help from Clear Seas Research, we reached out to companies throughout the geospatial sector and encouraged them to complete an extensive questionnaire about their activities and roles in the space. The highest profile result is the actual POB Top 100 — the top-down ranking of the top 100 private-sector firms in terms of geospatial revenue that you see below and on the pages to follow.

But that’s only a part of the picture. An equally important objective of this comprehensive project is to capture an accurate, honest snapshot of everyone who is working in the geospatial space, big or small. We asked you not only how much geospatial revenue your company brings in annually, but other important questions such as:

  • What licenses do your employees hold?
  • Where geographically does your firm work?
  • What services does our company perform?
  • What types of equipment do you own?
  • What equipment are you going to need in the next five years?
  • What educational support do you provide employees?

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Sample charts of the actual information we gathered from respondents follow below.

Our Respondents

  • $1.5 Million

Median Total Gross Revenue

  • $592,200

            Average Geospatial Revenue

Companies Branching Out

  • Today

            99% Work In The U.S.

            16% Work Internationally

  • In 5 Years

            99% Will Work In The U.S.

            23% Will Work Internationally

Geospatial Revenue

  • Today

            96.3% U.S.     

            3.7% International   

  • In 5 Years

            94.3% U.S.

            5.7% International

Top 3 Geospatial Revenue Sources 

  1. Boundary Surveying
  2. Engineering Design
  3. Topographic Surveying

Being the first time doing this, we understand that some information we gathered this year is not complete, that some players have been missed. But this is a good start. The inaugural 2015 POB Top 100 is the foundation for what is an ongoing program BNP Media and POB magazine have fully committed to. This will be an annual exercise that we believe will be an annual must-participate and must-have for all players in the geospatial space. We believe this, because you have told us this.

Report Available

Want to see the full results of our comprehensive POB Top 100 market study? You can actually own every single piece of data we have gathered to assist you and your company in strategic planning, market research and decision-making. Packed with charts, graphs, comments and insights, the full CLEAReport is available for purchase from Clear Seas Research.

Mike Anderson, editor of POB, has thoroughly enjoyed introducing the POB Top 100 program to various professional associations and conference attendees over the past number of months. Most of all, he is humbled by the overwhelming encouragement by everyone he has spoken with. As always, he welcomes your feedback at