To help prepare Canadians for the “drone revolution” that’s sweeping the globe, Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) is hosting UAV Fundamentals, a three-day seminar that explores the many technologies, uses and applications for drones.

The event, hosted by Paul Dragos, dean of the School of Flight Training at UVU, will take place Sept. 19-21 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Center. Registration is now open.

“Our three-day UAV Fundamentals seminar is extremely comprehensive and offers interested parties unprecedented insight into the potential of drones,” says Unmanned Vehicle University Provost John Minor. “This seminar is helpful for anyone who wants to learn about the new wave of opportunities that drones are presenting.” Participants will learn about specific drone technologies in conjunction with the endless opportunities that they present the commercial industry: 

  • Day 1: Welcome and Introductions, Definitions & Concepts, UAV Commercial Applications & Economic Impact, How to Start a UAV Business, UAV Military Operations, UAV Sensors & Characteristics, and Alternative Propulsion System Design Considerations.
  • Day 2: Communications & Data Links, UAS Conceptual Design, Improving UAV Reliability, Regulation and DoD Operations, UAV Alternative Navigation, Human Machine Interface, UAV Autonomous Control, and Future of UAVs.
  • Day 3: UAV Alternative Navigation, UAV Weaponization, UAV Autonomous Control,  and Future UAV Designs & Roles. 

“This UAV Fundamentals seminar introduces you to an industry that is predicted to create 70,000 high-paying careers over the next several years at salaries ranging from $90,000 to more than $200,000,” Minor says. “Our goal as a university is to prepare the UAV pilots of the future so that they can capitalize on the revolution that’s already very much underway.”

For $1,499, participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the world. The seminar also counts as four credits towards a university degree program.

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