As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) begins to evolve its drone flight regulations, the technology driving the drone revolution forward is increasing at an accelerated rate. A part of that evolution is Stampede’s Drone Video System (DVS), now available to professionals in every vertical market, from businesses to governments and universities alike.

DVS solutions promise to “change everything again,” says Kevin Kelly, president and COO of Stampede, a North American distributor of drone-based systems. The company introduced its DVS solutions to the world at InfoComm 2015. “The last few decades have introduced game-changing technology that’s revolutionized the way we communicate and collaborate,” Kelly says. “We saw it first with email and mobile phones, and then again more recently with instant messaging, smartphones and cloud-based sharing. Now, with the introduction of DVS solutions, we’re on the precipice of our next great communication revolution — and, like its predecessors, it’s going to change everything again.”

Although highly customizable based on individual requirements, the standard DVS solution integrates cutting-edge drone hardware, from leading manufacturers such as DJI, AEE and XFLY, with an HD camera and video conferencing software to create a futuristic communication platform that provides a 360-degree HD aerial perspective of any situation. It can be streamed instantaneously to any connected mobile device or computer anywhere in the world.

“With the advent of DVS, members of an organization, regardless of their physical location, can tap into live video feed — captured by the unique and previously unattainable perspective of a drone — and collaboratively assess a situation to make smarter decisions, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before,” Kelly says. In addition to the drone hardware and video conferencing software, DVS solutions also include a suite of special services to help companies of any size establish their drone aviation department.

According to Kelly, to comprehend just how substantially DVS solutions will revolutionize commercial communication, one has to understand their breadth of application. He has good reason to believe so, given this month's AUVSI study, which revealed that the first 500 commercial drone certifications granted by the FAA span more than 20 major industries across 48 states – including, but not limited to, real estate, aerial surveying, aerial photography, agriculture, and construction.

Through the advent of Stampede DVS solutions, Kelly says, the commercial communications platform of tomorrow has arrived is poised to make big changes.