Maptek will take its BlastLogic mining design and management system to this upcoming week's FragBlast11 in Australia.

Maptek Blast Accuracy Solutions Manager Mark Roberts says the company is delighted to sponsor the global forum for scientific and technical updates on rock blasting and explosives engineering. “FragBlast is a terrific way for us to connect to the people who use our products,” he says. “We’ve developed BlastLogic in collaboration with industry, and it is relied on to track, quickly understand and act on all factors impacting drill and blast at critical stages.”

BlastLogic enables mines to pre-empt risk and productivity issues before they emerge through instantaneous sharing and visualization of operational data. It is designed to accelerate the process of creating and implementing accurate blast designs. It also provides measurements and reports on blast execution accuracy.

This, Roberts says, is achieved through real-time data integration, reporting and 3D visualization, which can be viewed by users throughout the blast design and execution process. “Linking blast designs directly with the geological model and field measurement allows mines to enhance precision in blasting and understand how this impacts downstream processes,” he says. “For example, if you’re looking to optimize fragmentation to improve dig rates and crusher throughput, BlastLogic can quickly relate fragmentation results back to blast and geology parameters.”

Roberts says Maptek is aware mines are increasingly approaching drill and blast with a big-picture perspective of the entire mining process.

Maptek will exhibit at booths 17 and 18 at the 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, to be held Aug. 24-26 at Sydney’s Sheraton on the Park.

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