EngineerSupply and Schonstedt Instrument Company are teaming up to release a new magnetic locator for use by professional surveyors. The Maggie innovatively blends two longtime Schonstedt models into one.

Schonstedt took years of customer and user input while supporting the GA52-Cx model and ergonomic GA-92XT models. The Maggie combines the reliability of the 52Cx with the ergonomic handle of the 92XT models. All Schonstedt magnetic locators are made in the U.S.

Technically named "ferro magnetic location equipment," magnetic locators sense ferrous in the material whatever they are detecting. Items with ferrous in them include iron ore type products such as ductile iron pipe, buried manhole lid covers, and rebar that's used for property corners, as well as some utilities.

Basically speaking, if a magnet will stick to it, a magnetic locator will detect it. Land surveyors and utility workers are some of the professionals who rely on the tools. The size and mass of an object being located determines the depth at which a magnetic locator can detect.

About EngineerSupply

Since 1999, EngineerSupply has met the equipment needs of professionals in engineering, construction, design, surveying, estimating, law enforcement and other fields. The privately-held, Lynchburg, Va.-based company has a constantly expanding product line and a customer service team with years of experience in the engineering and surveying industries.

About Schonstedt Instrument Company

Schonstedt is a premier and well-known manufacturer of magnetic locators and pipe and cable location equipment. The company has been in business since 1953.