Sure, your very practical boss may have sent you to the user conference to attend as many classes and absorb as much technical information as possible. He is, after all, expecting you to come back a certifiable genius, considering how much he forked over to have to go.

But, do yourself a big favor, and take in a keynote address or two while at the event. Yes, the ideas and themes may be a little out there, a little “pie in the sky,” but that’s the greatest part. And there’s always a need-to-know gem or two thrown in along the way.

Take, for example, the HxGN LIVE 2015 event held in June in Las Vegas. As always, Hexagon President and Chief Executive Officer Ola Rollen set the bar very high; best of all, his lieutenants strived to keep up.

“Change triggers fear,” said Mladen Stojic, president of the Hexagon Geospatial business, “and fear as we all know, if you ask Yoda, is something that can be a paralyzing and really a disabling force. But we have an opportunity when it comes to change, and that opportunity is really a choice to frankly fearlessly experience change.” Clearly, change was an overriding theme throughout the four-day HxGN LIVE event. “We know we have to move beyond status quo,” stressed Stojic, “but we’re challenged on how to just do that, and unfortunately the uncertainties or perhaps lack of knowledge lead to fear, which of course limits our adoption of some of these really cool things and prevents us from fully embracing something that’s really different.”

So, about those really cool things? Well, let’s start with something so tried, tested and true that it is ingrained into the surveying and geospatial professional’s very being.

“Looking forward and moving ahead, we need to ask ourselves one question: What is the map of the future?” said Stojic. “We believe the map of the future is not a map, because we need something more, something new. The mapping products produced today are static; they are not alive. They are a reflection of what was, and unfortunately they do not easily give us answers. We need maps that are alive; we need maps that are fresh. The maps of the future will not only tell us what was, but they need to tell us what is, and they need to tell us what can be and what will be. Our customers and partners have asked us for something different, something game-changing.”

Indeed, the need-to-know gem in Stojic’s address is, according to Hexagon, the map of the future. “Based on more than 100 years of collective IT and mapping know-how, we have integrated and unified the key geospatial genres associated with GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry and photography all into one cloud-based geospatial application platform,” said Stojic. This will allow users to develop purpose-built Hexagon Smart M.Apps that will transform critical information into smart business decisions. “It’s the communication that is critical.”

Officially, Hexagon Smart M.Apps will be launched at the HxGN LIVE Hong Kong event coming up in November. Think you can get your boss to send you there?

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