An aerial imagery and visual analytics company, nearmap is collaborating with Esri to provide timely, high-resolution imagery for use with Esri’s suite of software.

Through the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace, users will now be able to instantly access up-to-date imagery captured at better than 2.8-inch GSD. In addition, a nearmap add-in for ArcGIS gives Esri users the flexibility to access current or historic imagery, arming businesses with powerful information to make informed planning and prospecting decisions.

“Esri has revolutionized the GIS industry from a thought leadership and technology standpoint,” says Simon Crowther, nearmap's chief executive officer. The nearmap business partner relationship with Esri “will make nearmap’s time- and money-saving features available to Esri users through the online ArcGIS Marketplace. We hope this is the first of many initiatives we can introduce to the Esri community.”

The nearmap hardware and software solutions have helped advance industries including solar, construction, insurance, transportation and government. The company expanded to encompass U.S. urban areas in October 2014. Imagery is updated at the unprecedented frequency of a minimum of three times per year for all capture areas and as much as six times yearly in major urban areas.

The “incredible high-resolution, up-to-date imagery will be invaluable for organizations managing assets in industries such as solar, construction, insurance and local government,” says Lawrie Jordan, Esri’s director of imagery. “The ability to quickly roll back time and look at change is a unique benefit. Our users will have access to this imagery much faster and simpler now that it is accessible in the ArcGIS platform through the ArcGIS Marketplace.”

Live demos of nearmap technology are taking place during this week's Esri User Conference in San Diego. Visit Booth 2701. 

About nearmap
Built around proprietary PhotoMaps aerial imagery technology, nearmap is a visual analytics company with a focus on empowering businesses with timely, high-resolution and historic imagery. The company’s breakthrough technology enables imagery of unparalleled quality to be updated three to six times yearly, helping businesses make decisions quickly and with confidence.