Professional Land Surveyors in Pennsylvania are urging the public to remain cautious after recent reports of distraction thefts by individuals claiming to be surveyors.

“Surveyors should always be able to identify their names and the companies they work for, and they should be able to provide valid forms of identification, license numbers and business cards,” Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS) President Adam D. Crews, PLS, said in published reports. “If they are not willing to do so, then homeowners should be wary, and in all circumstances they should always keep their doors locked. When in doubt, a homeowner should call the authorities to verify an individual’s identification and purpose, especially if the visit was unexpected.”

PSLS strives to hold its members to a high level of professional ethics, and supports the surveying professionals who work hard to provide a legitimate service to the public, said Crews. “The actions of the individuals involved in this scheme tarnish the reputation that surveyors spend years to build,” he said. “It is dangerous to the community and the profession, so PSLS urges residents to be vigilant about protecting themselves.”

Most police departments have a non-emergency number to be called for suspicious persons or stranger reports, PSLS reminded Pennsylvania residents. “This concern for burglar deception is a concern amongst service providers universal,” added PSLS President-Elect Michael Kreiger. “Be diligent and mindful of the activities in your neighborhood.”

PSLS is a statewide professional organization that supports the practice of land surveying. The society focuses on providing education, encouraging legislative involvement, enhancing public awareness, and promulgating ethics of the profession.