In February, more than 120 kilometers of roadway infrastructure on Japan's Okinawa Island was captured with high-accuracy 3D detail using Siteco's Road-Scanner4 mobile mapping system.

The survey project was carried out by Siteco as a pilot project for Asco, a leading construction consulting firm based in Osaka, Japan. The Asco engineers, who had already been using another manufacturer's MMS since 2012, were very pleased with the ease of installation, survey execution and data processing.

The survey was such a success that Asco immediately placed a purchase order for the new system that has now been delivered and is being deployed throughout Japan. The configuration chosen by Asco includes an Applanix POSLV 510 inertial navigation system and can be used with either Z+F or Faro Focus laser-scanners, thanks to the flexible and independent technology developed by Siteco.

About Siteco srl

A unit of the Gavio Group, one of Italy’s top industrial groups, Siteco was established in 1995 as a civil engineering infrastructure, software and technical consulting firm. In 2005 the firm developed the first scalable, high performance, fully integrated mobile mapping system and has since been delivering flexible roadway management mobile mappers.