Septentrio Satellite Navigation has acquired Altus Positioning Systems, forming a global leader in GPS/GNSS positioning equipment. The newly integrated company will continue to focus on developing emerging markets across the globe and increase advancements in the field of GIS. 

“At the heart of this fusion are our customers,” says Antoon de Proft, CEO and president of Septentrio. “They will benefit from this unique opportunity, which combines the knowledge and experience of Septentrio in GNSS positioning with experience of Altus-PS in survey, mapping and GIS; and from an expanded offering of products and services under one group.” 

Septentrio Satellite Navigation and Altus-PS started working together in 2007. The collaboration between the two companies has already resulted in a series of products including the APS-NR2, APS-3, APS-U and APS-GeoPod. They are highly credited in the field of surveying and GIS for providing essential accurate and reliable results and ease of operation. The smart antenna products will form a product line in the Septentrio product portfolio.

This partnership will grow in strength as the business deal brings key capabilities in other areas such as testing, manufacturing and delivery. They will now be based from Septentrio’s corporate headquarters, located outside Leuven, Belgium.

Neil Vancans, former president of Altus-PS will become the vice president of Septentrio Americas. “The fusion of our two companies is a logical step in our evolving business relationship and professional collaboration,” Vancans says. “We look forward to leveraging the strengths of both our organizations to grow the market for Septentrio products across a wide range of market sectors and build the same level of success for Septentrio products in the American market that we have enjoyed elsewhere in the world.”  

About Septentrio

Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells high-precision multi frequency multi constellation GPS/GNSS equipment used in in a variety of industries including marine, construction, agriculture, survey and mapping, GIS, UAVs and other industries. Septentrio is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium.