NCTech is launching iris360, a new consumer 360 degree camera system designed to speed the capture and upload of 360-degree images to Google Maps and Street View. This speed of capture means that one iris360 owner could conceivably shoot and upload a full street’s worth of business interiors in a single day.

“The high resolution and speed of the iris360 camera was a perfect fit for our Street View launch,” says Charles Armstrong, product manager for the Google Street View apps and Trusted program. “NCTech has taken an important step in helping others record and explore our world with high fidelity, 360 degree imagery.”

iris360 is a panoramic camera, remote-controlled by a mobile phone or tablet, that quickly captures high-resolution 360-degree images from its four sensors. With zero setup time, it does not require photographic experience to operate and, with one touch, captures and delivers a huge 8K resolution, HDR panoramic image in less than two minutes. iris360 is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and deploy, and is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The development of iris360 enables panoramic images to be more quickly and easily published on Google Maps and Street View apps. Users can control the camera and upload panoramic photos directly from the Google Maps and Street View apps.

Currently, businesses that want 360-degree panoramic images for their Google profiles have to arrange photoshoots with photographers who use standard cameras to take pictures in a circle and use complex software to merge them. Given the need to process these images offsite with desktop software, the traditional process can take days.

The simplicity of use provided by iris360, with all image processing being conducted on-board, makes it possible for anyone to become a Google Street View photographer. Using iris360, the process is fast, automatic and can be on Street View in minutes.

NCTech is the company behind the industrial-grade iSTAR 360 degree camera system, which is widely used in commercial, engineering, military and government departments.

“We are pleased to introduce iris360, a product that we are confident will help photographers and their business clients quickly and easily add any shop, bar or restaurant to Street View,” says Neil Tocher, NTEch CTO.

The iris360 is currently available for pre-order from NTech’s website at $1,999. It is expected to start shipping in August 2015.

About NCTech

NCTech designs and manufactures 360-degree reality imaging systems that automate and streamline the workflow of image documentation and can be used repeatedly, accurately, consistently by anyone anywhere. In 2015, the company launched iris360, a non-calibrated camera system, intended for aesthetic panoramic image capture.NCTech is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland and is funded by Archangel Investors Ltd. and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund.