Next week’sSPAR Internationalevent in Houston, Texas will be the venue when Arithmetica launches a new version of its automated point cloud processing software. Pointfuse Pro includes new 2D tools that allow for the creation of plans, elevations and sections from highly-detailed laser scan data, as well as orthorectified images.

Pointfuse Plus Automated Point Cloud Processing Software

Pointfuse Pro will be demonstrated at SPAR International, set for March 30-April 2 in Houston, Texas.

Moving ahead, Pointfuse is offering support for a much wider range of raw data — including a new open standard file format — and for data generated by the handheld laser scanners set to revolutionize the construction industry. Pointfuse Pro includes new functionality that will allow users to understand the accuracy of resulting vector models created from the laser scanned data. Pointfuse Pro offers a range of new functionality with the software’s 2D tools. This includes the ability to generate orthorectified images from the point cloud, which can be scaled and used as layouts for final delivery in a range of other CAD, desktop mapping and GIS packages.

The new 2D tools also allow for the production of plans, elevation and sections as line work for such applications as architecture, facilities management, surveying and construction. In addition to the new 2D tools, Pointfuse Pro includes new accuracy reporting tools. This functionality allows the user to define project tolerances and, based on the standard deviation statistics, the software can visualize the accuracy of the vector model by color-coding the created surfaces.

Pointfuse Pro supports an even wider range of laser scanned data formats, including the DotProduct format and E57. DotProduct uses off-the-shelf Android Tablets for high-resolution handheld 3D laser scanning. Designed for engineers and others working in the construction industry, this offers a lightweight, cost-effective solution for laser scanning in challenging environments. E57 is the open standard file format for 3D imaging data exchange, and is capable of storing point cloud data from laser scanners and other 3D imaging systems, as well as associated 2D imagery and core meta-data.

Pointfuse is a powerful modeling engine developed by U.K.-based Arithmetica, an innovator in 360-degree imaging solutions and automated laser scanning data processing software. The company behind SphereVision and Pointfuse, Arithmetica is an inventive software house that develops ground-breaking software solutions to solve real-world scientific, medical and engineering problems. Arithmetica builds on more than 30 years of television and film production to develop software for clients around the world. While the solutions handle complex data-rich information, they remain simple and easy to use, the company says.