GeoNorth, LLC, specializing in the development of integrated solutions for end-to-end geospatial decision-making, announces the launch of a significant new business line, further enhancing the firm’s geospatial solutions capabilities. In partnership with Airbus Defense and Space, a world leader in space services, GeoNorth is now positioned as a global force in providing both optical and radar satellite imagery/remote sensing services for both commercial and government applications. GeoNorth is a small business, Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and U.S. SBA Certified 8(a) participant.

GeoNorth’s investment in a multi-mission Direct Receiving Station (DRS) for optical and radar satellite imagery will allow the company the unique capability of priority-tasking Airbus satellites to capture imagery anywhere on the globe and download directly to its processing terminal located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The company will also supply optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image processing services, and will provide clients access to purchase archived images. As a ground-based DRS, GeoNorth now has direct tasking and downlink capabilities for all Airbus satellite constellations including SPOT (6&7), Pleiades (1A and 1B) and TerraSAR (TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X), offering optical or SAR imagery products in low, medium, high and very high resolutions ranging from 2.5m to 30cm.

Being a small business, ANC and 8(a) firm, owning its own multi-mission DRS with optical and radar satellite tasking and imagery acquisition capabilities at any location on the globe, as well as downloading and processing capabilities to service both commercial and government clients, positions GeoNorth as the only such provider in the world. “This places GeoNorth in a unique competitive position,” says Bob Johnson, GeoNorth’s director of marketing. “The demands placed on today’s imagery-capable firms are exploding at a rapid pace, resulting in a growth industry viable for the next decade and beyond. We are thrilled to be able to make such an announcement at this time in our company’s history. The addition of optical and radar remote sensing capture and processing capabilities complements and expands our existing geospatial technologies expertise, allowing us to continue to service our clients at the highest level and provide true value added services unmatched in today’s industry.”

Primary imagery applications GeoNorth will initially focus on are related to oil and gas concerns, arctic research, maritime domain and awareness monitoring, change detection, emergency response, state and federal homeland security issues, military applications, and environmental, forestry and transportation projects, as well as capabilities related to land use and management.

GeoNorth, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Tatitlek Corporation, is located in Anchorage. The firm specializes in such Information Technology solutions such as GIS, optical and radar satellite imagery capture and processing, geospatial solutions, database management, web design and development, mobile applications, and graphic design services. Since 1994, the firm has serviced federal, state and local government agencies, utilities, oil and gas firms, natural resources companies, and private and Native Corporations throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to headquarters in Alaska, GeoNorth has additional offices in Portland, Ore., and Washington, D.C., and also operates remotely from locations in Idaho, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Montana and Washington.