A global leader in geospatial map technology for business, enterprise and government is now offering U.S. users free trial access to their growing coverage across the country.

nearmap High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Using spectacular high-resolution aerial imagery, nearmap allows users to measure area, distance and view change over time.

The company, nearmap, is a visual analytics provider specializing in frequently-updated, high-resolution aerial imagery. The company has a long history of working with both small and large businesses and government organizations, and is now expanding its reach to the U.S. audience. The nearmap product, it says, differs from other mapping services by being detailed and current. Company crews are constantly flying, enabling them to deliver the most recent PhotoMaps with stunning 2.8-inch resolution. A highly innovative technology company, nearmap has developed a complete technology solution that allows it to quickly capture and process PhotoMaps and digital elevation data, and serve that data online with unprecedented frequency, clarity and accessibility.

The nearmap product allows users to measure area, distance and view change over time using spectacular high-resolution aerial imagery. New updates are published within days of capture, not months. “Our high-resolution imagery enables effective decision-making,” says Simon Crowther, chief executive officer. “As we build an archive of images, we track changes over time. Our images are delivered within days of capture. Other competitors’ traditional delivery times can take up to six months, sometimes even longer.” Past updates are always available via the TimeLine, and allow nearmap users to track changes over time, viewing locations of interest as they are today or as they were last month or last year. This is ideal for monitoring change and mapping the progress of a construction project, observing site and environmental changes, measuring the effect of weathering, and tracking seasonal growth or shadowing.

With growing coverage in the U.S., an increasing number of locations of interest have been captured, stored and regularly updated. Lone tradesmen, small to medium enterprises, corporate giants and government bodies across the board are finding new uses every day for the resources nearmap supplies. Learn more by visiting the us.nearmap.com site.