The oil and gas ArcGIS Platform specialist Exprodat has launched thepetroleum industry’s first training course for ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s soon-to-be released new ArcGIS for Desktop application.

Building on the company's extensive knowledge and experience of implementing Esri technology within real-world oil and gas workflows, Exprodat’s latest training course walks attendees through ArcGIS Pro's new features and ribbon-based interface, explores its powerful 3D capabilities, and illustrates the benefits of connecting ArcGIS Pro with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to create, consume and share interactive web maps and apps.

Esri’s ArcGIS Platform is emerging as the industry-leading location analytics platform, essential to the running of an oil and gas company. From its use in exploration to discover new resources, through managing operations and transmission infrastructure, to supporting planning for disaster management and designing efficient retail outlet networks, the effective and accurate use of spatial data provides huge benefits throughout the organization. This pervasiveness means that the need for skilled users is fundamental to maximizing the return on the investment companies have already made with ArcGIS.

“Esri has written ArcGIS Pro from the ground up as a modern 64-bit multithreaded application, meaning it can finally deliver the high performance that has long been in demand in the petroleum sector," said Chris Jepps, Exprodat's Technical Director. "We developed our ArcGIS Pro Essentials for Petroleum training course so that the oil industry’s large number of ArcGIS Desktop users can immediately start realizing the benefits of having a powerful next-generation desktop GIS application tightly integrated with Esri’s market-leading ArcGIS Platform.”

Exprodat uses the ArcGIS Platform to provide petroleum companies with real business advantages via a combination of providing skilled and knowledgeable GIS operatives to support projects, innovative software that simplifies complex E&P workflows, and training company staff how to extract the maximum value from the technology.

ArcGIS Pro is part of the ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop software suite and is expected to be released in January 2015. It is able to run alongside existing ArcMap applications and versions. Available in three versions — Basic, Standard and Advanced — the new software offers a range of functionality to fit the requirements of the user. For more information about Exprodat’s ArcGIS Pro training course, visit or email the training team at For more on the ArcGIS Pro release, visit