DT RESEARCH, INC.announced the new line of rugged tablets with the GNSS modules for mapping applications. TheDT391GS,DT395GS andDT307GS are rugged tablets featuring integrated high-accuracy GNSS receiver modules with built-in antenna for seamless data capture for mapping applications. Ideal for field work that requires some form of mapping and geographic information systems (GIS), accurate synchronization, tracking and networking, this line of GS Tablets are built to travel and provide reliable operations in the real world. The DT391GS combines a 9-inch sunlight-readable, capacitive touch display with an energy-efficient Intel dual-core processor in a compact, durable package. With the high-accuracy GNSS module options (Hemisphere sub-meter or Trimble centimeter), the foldable antenna, and Windows or Android operating system, users may choose the best positioning module for their applications. The DT391GS also offers protection in demanding environments with IP65 and MIL-STD-810G ratings for dust and water, and shock and vibration resistance. dtresearch.com