Optech introduced the latest addition to its innovative line of airborne laser terrain mappers, theALTM Galaxy. Galaxy is a giant leap forward in productivity and technology innovation that truly raises the bar in sensor capability. Boasting a similar compact form factor to the award-winning ALTM Orion sensor platform for Tier-II UAV, heli-pod, gyro-stabilized or fixed-platform installations, the new ALTM Galaxy maintains the same exceptional survey-grade data precision and accuracy for the highest quality data sets in the industry. Whether it is surveying high-altitude, mountainous areas above 4,000 meters AGL or mapping corridors at low altitude, Galaxy‘s superior dynamic range and exceptional small-target detection provides maximum application flexibility with no compromises in collection efficiency or data quality. Central to Galaxy‘s performance capability is its innovative, high-productivity PulseTRAK technology. PulseTRAK’s unique features directly address key industry demands and limitations associated with current sensor offerings.