As providers of information about surveying for surveyors, we atPOB tend to focus on the equipment, technique and success of the job. And we should.
Mike Anderson, POB Editor
Mike Anderson

But we can never forget the role that people play in all of this. That’s what makes our Solo Notes profile such a great read every month. Take the comments of erstwhile surveyor Bart Gibson on page 28 of this edition: “The one thing that I realize now that hasn’t changed is the comradery of the people who are drawn to land surveying as a career. We are an eclectic group of folks from all kinds of backgrounds. I’ve known surveyors who were musicians, tattoo artists, trappers and adrenalin junkies way before that was the thing to be.”


Recently, in the Deep South city in which I reside, I attended a dinner where various local citizens were honored for their accomplishments in the community. Each has worked tirelessly to make his or her city a better place to be. And, rightfully, the evening’s emcee did a thorough job of explaining the numerous successes compiled over the years, honoring each award recipient individually with well researched, highly detailed introductions.

What stood out, though, were the comments that followed each bio so painstakingly delivered. When each award recipient was handed the microphone, he or she spoke with genuine humility and doubtless nervousness, not of their own successes or even their organization’s successes, but rather of people. They spoke of loved ones of course, but they also spoke of colleagues who have helped, guided and maybe even pushed them along over the years. Most of all, their colleagues had just made the long trip all the more enjoyable. Over the years, these colleagues had truly become friends.

Our goal with POB is to be your colleague, your friend, each and every month. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, but not so much so that we never want to miss the human side of surveying. Back to our friend Bart Gibson:  “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people come up to me over the years when I’m out surveying and say, ‘You know I used to do land surveying and I loved it.’ It comes to me, ‘That once a surveyor, always a surveyor.’”

If you’re always a surveyor, you most definitely have a story we’d be honored to share with your brethren. To share your story, please contact POB’s excellent managing editor Benita Mehta. Also the true pro behind our superlative website, Benita can be reached via phone at 248-786-1586 or via email at

Allow me to extend the open invitation. Having moved into the POB editor’s chair after 20 years of covering the construction equipment industry, I appreciate so very much you helping, guiding and pushing me along. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note at or call me at 484-905-2916. Your insight, suggestions and criticism are always welcome.

I would love nothing more than if, along the way, we become friends, too.

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