Carlson BRx5 GNSSCarlson introduced theBRx5 GNSS receiver, an integrated all-in-one pole-top GNSS receiver, has just been released by Carlson Software Inc. Each BRx5 contains a multi-constellation, multi-band 270-channel GNSS receiver, internal GSM cell modem, UHF radio, dual hot-swappable batteries and internal level sensors. Designed for survey and GIS professionals, the Carlson BRx5 delivers both affordability and the highest positional accuracy. Manufactured to Carlson’s exacting specifications by Hemisphere GNSS, the BRx5 receivers can each be configured as Base, Rover, or Network Rover. They come with dual Bluetooth ports, allowing users to connect both data collector and a cell phone, and they each come with a fully integrated multi-constellation dual frequency GNSS receiver with UHF radio and GSM cell modem. The Base/Rover package includes two BRx5 GNSS receivers, one hard-sided carrying case, four BRx5 batteries with two chargers, one GPS tribach and one tribach adapter, and two Carlson GPS receiver poles.