Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2Trimble introduced thePacific Crest XDL Rover 2, an advanced, high-speed, wireless data link built to withstand the rigors of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. The XDL Rover 2 is equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication for ease in configuration and operation. It can be quickly configured with an Android device in the field and UHF data can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a paired host device for operational efficiency. The XDL Rover 2 is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver designed for digital radio communications between 403 and 473 MHz in either 12.5 or 25 kHz channels. It is designed for high performance over the entire band. The XDL Rover 2 is pocket sized and provides for cable-less operations. It features an internal, rechargeable battery for ease of use and portability that allows long operational hours.