TopconTOPCON POSITIONING announced a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) indicate system specifically for compactors. The C-63 system is designed to track precise compaction with minimal equipment operation. It features innovative Topcon GNSS technology and graphical display to provide real-time positioning and plan data, which ensures compaction is achieved in all required areas. As part of the new wave of economical indicate 3D systems from Topcon, the C-63 “demonstrates Topcon’s continued commitment to ensure that all phases of construction and engineering projects reach maximum efficiency through well-managed control,” said Kris Maas, manager of machine control product marketing for Topcon. “The system’s graphical display keeps track of cumulative compaction through pass counts and uses easy-to-understand color-coding to indicate compaction status.” The C-63 can also be integrated into the Topcon Sitelink3D site management