For the fourth year, BNP Media’s market research division worked with POB to conduct a salary and benefits study in order to provide detailed information on the most current salary levels and benefit trends of professionals in the surveying and mapping industry.

The results, in general, show a profession that is healthier than it was just three years ago: salaries are higher; benefits are better; and companies are hiring more often than cutting work forces. The following are highlights from the study.


The mean salary for our readers is $71,165. That's up from two years ago, when the mean was $67,714. That includes 18% of our readers who earn more than $100,000.

32% of respondents received a bonus in both of the past two years. 17% said that their 2014 bonus was much higher, 39% reported that their bonus was about the same, and 2% stated that their 2014 bonus was much lower than in previous years.

Equal Salary

Salary for our readers is generally equivalent for those who work in both private and government sectors.


The most common benefits are bonuses, with 84% of our readers receiving one in the past year. Profit sharing and having a company vehicle are the least common.

More work

The number of employees at companies has grown in each of the past four years. In 2011, only 14% of companies reported that they added employees while 47% decreased their staff. In 2014, that flip flopped to 38% adding employees in the past year while just 18% cut staff.

Spread Out

POB's readers can be found throughout the USA, with 29% responding that they live in the South, 27% in the West, 24% in the Midwest and 18% in the Northeast.


Registering in more than one state is on the rise. In 2013, only 27% of respondents reported that they were registered in more than one state. That number rose to 32% in 2014.

Small Companies

Many of our readers work for small companies, with 57% being at firms that employ fewer than 25 full-timers and 41% being at companies of less than 10 people. The median staff size is 18.

Experienced Lot

Respondents to our POB survey have an average of 27 years of professional experience. Almost half of them are 56 years of age or older.


Salary Study

          Salary Study