Have you ever wondered what your fellow land surveyors think? From Maine to California, from Minnesota to Texas, and from all around the world, the RPLS Network allows you to find out what your colleagues are thinking, saying and doing. You may even be able to help out a fellow surveyor.

Have a question about a client’s proposal? Have a problem with a piece of equipment? Ask it in the forums. Concerned about a government regulation? Worried about the economy? Share it in the forums.

Want to let everyone know about an innovative project? Want to show off a cool photo from the job site? Brag (or humble-brag) about it in the forums.

The RPLS Network provides a great place for land surveyors to connect with each other. The site recently was redesigned for a faster and easier online experience. There’s full integration with pobonline.com, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between the RPLS Network community and POB’s featured content.

It’s easy to get started: you just need to register an email address to create an account. Then you can start typing and talking, uploading photos and videos, and keeping tabs on your favorite conversations. (See POB’s YouTube video for more tips on getting the most out of the RPLS Network.)

The only other requirement: please keep the discussions civil and respectful. Strong opinions are welcome—just remember to be mindful of others and refrain from name-calling. Focus on the topics and issues at hand.

There are plenty of categories to choose from, including “Strictly Surveying,” “GIS & Mapping” and “Photogrammetry/Remote Sensing.” Other categories are “Travel” and “Health & Safety,” and if you can’t find just the right category, you can always type away in “Other General Discussion.”

In January, RPLS Network members had plenty to talk about. An RPLS member with the username “nmillerpls” wrote about the Torrens system in Minnesota, and it generated a discussion with other members of the network.

In addition, Paul Montero posted about how archaeologists in New England are using LiDAR to reveal the landscape of New England in the pre-industrial age; Lawrence Laxdal posted a question about a Nikon total station; and user “MLB” posted about unmanned aircraft systems and Google Earth. There are also posts under categories such as “Need to Hire a Surveyor?” and “Computer and Software Troubleshooting.”

The RPLS Network is one of the many features POB provides to help you get the most out of your work. Our new blog, POB Today, offers tips and advice on best business practices while also looking at ways to make the most out of emerging trends and technologies. POB’s digital edition provides exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes photos of the latest surveying projects. And our monthly magazine features articles on the latest applications and workflows as well as insightful columns from respected surveying professionals.

Stay in the know with POB. And stay connected with the RPLS Network.

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