Dr. J. Douglas Houston, the vice president of corporate services for Optech, has announced his retirement from the company.

Houston was one of the first employees at Optech, where he helped with the company’s early advances in LiDAR technology and set the foundation for the

Doug Houston has retired as the vice president of corporate services for Optech. (Photo courtesy of Optech)

company’s systems today.

While a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario and York University, Houston performed the first LiDAR measurements made in Canada.

Houston joined Optech shortly after its founding in 1974, and his work on airborne profilometers helped lead to the company’s ALTM airborne laser terrain mappers. He also helped design the LARSEN 500 LiDAR bathymeter.

“We are very thankful for Doug’s four decades of service, and wish him a happy and productive retirement,” Optech chairman Allan Carswell said. “Not only did he pioneer many of Optech’s earliest accomplishments, Doug also moved into a variety of managerial roles later in his career, giving Optech the solid infrastructure it needed to grow from a small R&D firm to the world’s premier LiDAR company with hundreds of employees including scientists, engineers, technicians and a solid management team.”